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Sep. 7th, 2008

the fruit of the original sin




Jun. 30th, 2008

the fruit of the original sin

happy birthday to me

listening to danzig serenading me with "godless" and smoking herb in my hookah.

let's taste time


Jun. 11th, 2008

the fruit of the original sin

there's a tick in my armpit. i'm freaking out..

taylor is moving to phoenix, az. i'm happy for her. this is exciting. she's made it out of birminghole and i'm sure phoenix will be good to her, but i'm going to miss her terribly... i'm definitely going to have to plan a trip out there this summer.

i saw the fortune teller today. i had 3 big symbols in my cup: a helicopter, a man sitting, and a horizon of light/ crescent moon. she said i think too much, that's what the man sitting represented, that i just sit and think for a long time, worry and complicate things that shouldn't be and i'm making myself sad (which i agree, and if you know me well, you would too). the helicopter meant that i was moving. she said i was thinking and worrying too much about moving, but everything is going to turn out very good. she showed me the horizon of light and said that it meant good things were coming. i made my wish and stuck my thumb in the bottom. she sort of laughs and says i put a window on my helicopter. i look at it and sure enough there's a window in the helicopter with two figures in it. she said that the window was a good sign, it was like a new opening or letting light in. she pointed out the two figures and said that i have a very good friend moving with me and my life will be good. she also said that this will be a very good summer.

well. the fortune teller was right again. i am moving. since taylor is moving, joseph and i are subleasing her apartment for the summer and will most likely renew the lease afterward. it's exciting, but yes, i've been thinking and worrying a lot about it.... one specific thing being how i'm going to tell my parents that i'm moving.

i got hired at Mrs Fields. i start tomorrow. i'm sort of intimidated of it. i'll have to bake and sell and after a while i'll be doing my shifts solo. apparently after 90 days i can be considered to be a "team leader." now what i really want is a job at whole foods. i'll hold onto my cookie job until i can  get hired there.

i still don't have that damn car. that's been my biggest concern. even though i'm walking distance from the grocery store uab, my job is in the summit... i can't walk that.
the thing that complicates the car situation for me is that out of my insurance money i had planned to use it to pay for school and buy a car. i ended up having to pay a bit more tuition than i expected and my parents owe me money, so now i'm kinda screwed out of getting a car as things stand right now. which by the way, i'm looking for a car in the $5,000 range, so if anyone is selling their car or know of any, let me know.

now i need to start looking into getting grants for school. i only have about a year and a half of school left. i'm taking summers from here on out. in fact this summer i'm taking a 9 week environmental science lab on tuesdays from 12:30-3:20 and in july i start a computer graphics and layout course monday - thursday 8:00-12:15. it's nice finally catching up with my core classes. after this semester all i have left for core classes is another science and lab, retake a history class and a couple math courses. i will probably have to dedicate a whole semester to one math class if i want to actually pass it. it's going to be nice when i'm done with all this core and i can just dive into my major. i'm planning on taking beginning photography in the fall and i believe book arts will be offered again the following spring and i'll have to take that since it's only offered every 2 years dPost an Entryuring the spring. a focus in photography will be good for me. it should go hand-in-hand with my film minor. i only recently learned that undergrads can audit classes. i think i may audit an anatomy course and maybe some graphic design. i really just want to dissect humans and get to typography... but then again... i just want to graduate as soon as possible. as soon as i graduate, i can leave birminghole. i'll also do that internship at printed matter the summer of my senior year so i can network in new york before i graduate and move up there. of course, if i don't do new york, i'll do my masters abroad.

i need to make to-do lists more often. they really do help a lot.

i've been accumulating art supplies to work on that huge framed horse print i found in the dumpster.

oh yeah, by the way i was in DC this past weekend with my family and bob (a long time family friend) and his family. it was actually fun, though sometimes children can be very obnoxious. i forgot my shoes in birmingham, but i lucked out because then my dad bought me some new shoes. some beautiful lime green and gray suede adidas.

i also got a new wallet from gamma-go. it's all circuitry-like.

i need to find a new back pack. i saw one in DC that a kid was wearing and the straps seemed to be form fitting to his shoulders and back. it was awesome.

Feb. 12th, 2008

the fruit of the original sin


here's my zine. fucking add it


Jan. 31st, 2008

the fruit of the original sin


Jan. 23rd, 2008

the fruit of the original sin

(no subject)

Baby Polar Bear Sleeping

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Jan. 6th, 2008

the fruit of the original sin

sweet home alabama?

uh, where am i?

Dec. 22nd, 2007

the fruit of the original sin

(no subject)

Dec. 20th, 2007

the fruit of the original sin

rico suave

Dec. 18th, 2007

the fruit of the original sin


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